On Magic E-Book


On Magic E-Book


"This e-book—which comes in at 24 pages—is an amazing publication. Amazing in the true sense of the term. Dense, compact, lovely to behold as well as to read, it exists in cyberspace, crossing from one place to another like thought does.

Like thought, it doesn’t ask you to read it so much as it asks that you shut off your analytical brain and let it reach you. Really. The wording is not formal written speech, it is written down spoken speech—if you try to force it to behave like a regular book of instruction, it will resist you and you will fail to grasp its essence.

And its essence is simplicity. Not simple unintelligence passing for simplicity: simplicity. The simplicity that knows its subject so well it can state “This really fucking works. Give it a shot.”

Waggener is not an untrained magician. Far from it.

Although it’s true that I have, in fact, been a member of many of the aforementioned secret orders, and have attained many made up ranks in them, and have even worked my way to the top leadership role in more than one—I have found most of them to be a waste of time. Not just my own, but those who looked to join them as well.

Even if he didn’t tell us that, we would suspect it was so anyway. No one but a master  could put this much power into this size of a publication. Every sentence is intentional. Every statement is of value. There is no dross in this book.

On Magic offers the reader very precise techniques — stripped of all the hoodoo smoke and mirror embellishments — needed to go about magically working towards the attainment of a specific goal. How to visualize what you want to achieve or attain (Waggener’s personal insights here are practical and vivid), what symbols are, and how to apply them to your goals (more invaluable insights are offered), and how magical change is exacted through vocalization (from stating daily affirmations aloud to chanting during meta-ritual)." From review by Juleigh Howard-Hobson. Rest of review can be read here:

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