Dire Dogs.

Dire Dogs.


Through my personal time with the Operation I have done my best to exemplify its tenets, and to be an example of how its declared aims and methods can have a positive effect on an individual’s life. It has taken me from an unhealthy and inconsistent person to someone with both feet firmly on a path of strength, a “path with heart.” Like the Fool of the tarot trumps, I am still just setting out on this road with the greater part of the adventure ahead of me- many lessons yet to be learned, and, as my brother Matthias stated in his recent article, I am, in most ways, “just a beginner.”


Clearly, a great deal of self-discipline is needed on this road, but there is more to it than that, or we would simply be lone individuals around the world, living our lives with no connection to a great concept, or a greater whole. 


One of the things that has kept me steadfast in my day to day is the concept of pressure. Anyone who has listened to Justin Garcia’s podcast “The Pressure Project” is probably familiar with this term, and most are familiar with the concept itself, at least from a hypothetical standpoint, but many are still “missing it” in their life. This idea of pressure we often discuss is that one’s peers will constantly apply healthy pressure and positive confrontation, in order to ensure that all links in the chain of the tribe are strong. It must be applied consistently and steadily, as so many individuals are habitual “bingers,” people who will throw themselves headlong into an endeavor like weightlifting for a short period of time before quitting due to some “life happened” excuse- they will then go through a period of personal worthlessness or low productivity, before reaching a point of sufficient “motivation” (a term I have come to despise), and beginning all over again. 


These types of people are engaged in a chronic behavior that will repeat itself over and over throughout their lives, creating a template of underachievement and zero discipline (which, as Jim Wendler is fond of saying, beats the hell out of “motivation” any day of the week) which will manifest itself in myriad ways within their personal life. They will be masters of the shallow water, never reaching true depth in either their squat(!) or other endeavors they excitedly pursue for brief, ineffective sprints before becoming easily winded and sitting back down just to “catch their breath.”




These individuals need pressure. If they exist within a peer group, it is the peer group’s responsibility to bring them up to speed through “tough love,” or, in the end, to purge them from the body if they resist all attempts to reforge them. Operation Werewolf is not an acceptance philosophy. It is exclusive, in that it only accepts those individuals who are demonstrably on the path to greatness. But on the path means consistent effort, not haphazard application and grandiose claims. That way lies only self delusion and sickness. These individuals must be tried in the fiery crucible, tested, and if found wanting, issued an edict of strength- an ultimatum that when next encountered they must be better than they were today. If they are not, they must be cast aside to make way for those who are receptive to confrontation and a philosophy and praxis of might. 


At periods in my life, and especially in recent years as I have dedicated myself wholly to the task at hand, I have been approached by those closest to me and told that my current best was not good enough. I had a choice to either accept this judgement of my chosen peers with a certain amount of humility and grit, and prove to them that I was capable of more, or to thrash and moan like a child and reject their statement with an ego-driven vision of myself. I am honored to have friends and brothers like this, and am proud to say I chose the former. Had I not, I would not be writing this now. Those men in our peer group who fear confrontation or are too uncomfortable to demand this strength from their brethren are cowards, and no true friends- they create an environment of tolerance for unhealthiness, and they are agents of a cancer that spreads insidiously throughout an organic structure. In many ways, they are worse than the problem itself, as they can see it, and know what steps need to be taken, but choose not to for the sake of their own comfort. 


Within Operation Werewolf, it is my hope for the future that this positive pressure will be seen more often in the coming year. By “donning the hide,” so to speak, an individual is not only making a contract with himself, but with all of you. Anything that marks someone as part of this ongoing Operation is also signifying an openness to be tested, to prove himself- it matters only that he is on that road to betterment, and that he can demonstrate improvement when he is next encountered. There are those who have been loudly proclaiming from the technological minarets of the modern Empire those words “Iron and Blood,” while their physique remains the same or worse, their strength does not increase, their technical proficiency stagnates or is non-existent- these individuals must be challenged and pressured to action, or purged from the greater body. There is no room for dead weight, and each must inspire the other to greater undertakings. 


Constant pressure from peers does not have to be those directly within your immediate friendship group, or those you spend time with daily. In this strange and modern world, I have seen it come from competition via Instagram or other social media, where individuals use one another to keep the pressure on and rise to each other’s challenges. This is obviously less desirable than physical, face to face relationships, but for some, any port in a storm must be utilized. 


Temporary agreements can spring up between those with great distance between them, competitions decided upon between solo operative or division, meet-ups scheduled in order to demonstrate the hard work that has been put in, and great fires lit and celebrations held to honor these victories. 


Those who do not work, those who do not travel, those who do not inspire: their names will be forgotten like ashes in the wind. We have only this one life to rise and conquer- we must not be distracted by those looking only to feed on us like parasites and ticks. They must be pulled off and thrown to the fire.


Dire Dogs/Wolves.

Dire Dogs/Wolves.

April Challenge.

As we enter into April, those who are walking this path are already entering into the second quarter of their year, adding discipline to discipline and creating a foundation of solidity from which their own work and myth will spring in time.

This time of year is also symbolic of new endeavors, new vistas to explore, and the time of year that many pagan peoples celebrated the concept of victory and conquest. As such, we will be embracing this idea, and putting some of what we have been focusing on to the test.

Firstly, we will begin by moving forward with our meditation into the practice of “Walking the Pathways of Fire,” Laid out in “Vakandibok.” It is dealt with in depth there, so we will not spend much time re-hashing that information here, except to say that this work will lay the base for what we will be working on with our mediation practices for the remainder of the year following. Practice with as much care and dedication as you would any of your training- benefits are only reaped from proper practice, not poorly executed repetition. 


Second, in the spirit of sacrifice made to the gods of our ancestors, to give victory to those who kept faith/friendship, we will choose one of our pleasure habits (that is, activities engaged in specifically for enjoyment’s sake alone), and we will abstain from it for one month. The concept of sacrifice is one that for the modern man is less tied up with plant and livestock, and resonates for many on a deeper level when associated with time, pleasure, or habitual behavior abstained from as a holy act. In a practical sense as it pertains to conquest and victory, it is often the man who is willing to give up more to attain his prize that will win it. If we are unfamiliar with the concept of deliberately suffering for a higher cause, we will never unlock the inner strength that this practice contains. Choose something difficult, and bleed it out on the altar of discipline.

Third, we will choose one thing to compete in, and during the course of April, we will sign on for that competition. This can be anything from writing challenge, powerlifting meet, jiu jitsu tournament, boxing match, or foot-race with a friend. The format does not matter. The reason and intention for this is that too often we practice our skills in a vacuum where they go untested. By choosing to put ourselves on the line in competition, we will find truth and honesty with ourselves, and be better able to understand what we need to focus on.

The competition itself does not have to be done in April, merely signed up for, a concrete date with destiny laid down to inform the training with purpose. If you have become conformable competing in one arena, use this as a challenge to broaden your horizon and put another skill to the test. It is only through resistance that man becomes king, and lord over himself. 


We look forward to a prosperous Spring season, and wish one for you all, filled with trial, ordeal, and the enflaming passion that only hard-won victory can produce.

Iron and Blood!


On Notoriety.

Operative E.O., work by Kevin S.

Operative E.O., work by Kevin S.



Operation Werewolf, as stated from the beginning, is rabid resistance. A path that leads against the grain, toward massive personal upheaval and ordeal, and ultimately, to glory. This endeavor is done through through the reassembly of our willfully annihilated former selves into a new creation of iron and blood- not content to make little adjustments here and there until we have reduced ourselves to ash in the furnace of the great Black Work of Calcination!


During this beginning process, we adopt a mindset that deals in extremes. From the naked aggression of the Operation’s symbolism, to its often brutal tenets of unmerciful transformation, the pathway through the Gates of Iron is one of fire and conquest. 


During this time, and through the contract the individual makes to this Operation by wearing the black Totenwolf flag, and swearing an allegiance to his higher self, his own potential, he will meet with that resistance on many fronts. 


First, and most importantly, he will meet with resistance from self. From what we in the ongoing Operation refer to as the thrall mind, that inner weakness that seeks to control and enervate us with negativity, self defeating thoughts and actions, as it attempts to channel regular patterns of laziness and surrender within our brain and being. This thrall mind must be brought under the boot of our conqueror mindset, kept in chains, utterly beaten and dominated- no longer capable of raising his head to resist our overcoming. 


We have discussed this self overcoming many times, and will continue to do so, but it is another type of resistance that we will touch on now.


This second resistance will be met from without. We have adopted a combative philosophy for good reason. We have adopted a provocative image for a reason. Nothing that has been done, or engendered by this relentless Operation has been by mistake, or without forethought. 


This combativeness is integral to the first part of the Operation, because it is through resistance that kings are made. 


Our disdain for comfort must permeate our being on all levels, and we must never fear confrontation, but embrace it as a part of a vital life lived with blood hot in our veins! One cannot put on the dread banner and turn his face away from confrontation or he is forever a slave, unworthy to wear the symbols of power and fury that we see as holy. 


We will state this clearly: by an association with the Wolf-Cult as it exists today in its true form, that form which we call Operation Werewolf, worldwide, you embrace notoriety. Whether you will it or no, you have chosen to associate with a growing cultus that lives and breathes, that stains altars red with blood at every corner of the earth, awakening a fire that continues to grow and call to others. 


If you are not prepared to see your reputation among the mob ripped to pieces, and wish to live a comfortable life free from challenge and pressure, free from accountability and harsh judgements, free from the threat of violence by those who oppose our ideals of strength and healthiness- stay in the village. Remain within the confines of Empire, both physically and spiritually, for it is the Wolf who grows up in the woods outside the walls! 


No arguments! No explanations! No remorse or fear! Take accountability for your actions and choices and know that all associations and choices have repercussion. Stop pretending to be a victim when Empire decrees your flag outlawed, your cause unjust- this is a cult of the Father of Wolves, the Unknown Rider, and his people have always been outlaws, existing on the edges of accepted society, gnawing at the roots of what is already falling. 


We exist by ourselves, for ourselves- but this does not mean that those who have accepted the visions of the dream-weavers, the technomancers and storytellers of Empire will not hate you. They will hate you, and they will do their best to make others hate you as well. Some doors will be closed to you forever, while others will open to strange new vistas and awful frontiers. You will meet wild men and outlaws, and swear oaths beneath our brother, the moon, and be a part of creating a new myth in which your part is as yet undetermined. 


Take up the banner of strength, but do not be fooled into believing it can be held without challenge. 


“Run from what is comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. 

Destroy your reputation. Become notorious.”




February Challenge.


In January, (article can be found HERE) our focus was on clearing out the physical space, tightening down a physical goal and a plan to attain it, and actively working on one of our negative traits. This month we will be continuing the process where we left off. First, a few notes regarding the “carryover” of our efforts from the prior month. 


  1. The physical cleansing process we underwent should be ongoing. A general “decluttering” of our living space will be needful at various times, but what we should be looking at is prevention. Before we accumulate another item, let us first simply give it some thought. Is this needful, or will it improve our life in some way beyond filling a temporal desire? Are we buying just to buy, from impulse? Will this thing serve us, or will we serve it? How will it affect our space, our time, our mindset? Just being aware of these things before we add a new object into our controllable world will be beneficial for the rest of our lives.
    Igne Natura Renovatur Integra.
  2. The physical programming of our strength and fitness routine must be kept in our attention and adhered to ritually. Most fail at maintaining healthy eating and fitness routines because they either lack basic discipline, or they attempt to make too many changes at one time. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many changes. If you are already finding it difficult to live up to the goal you set in January, ask yourself: is this a simple lack of discipline, or is it a feeling of drowning in too many lifestyle changes at once? Just like everything else, our movements must be deliberate, and contain steps toward our goal. Start simple. Eat basic, healthy food 3 or 4 times a day. Control portions by having a protein shake before your meal and ensuring you are drinking enough water. If you are trying to get bigger, eat a little more at each meal, or vice versa. For weight training, a basic template like 5/3/1 is just the thing to work intelligently but straightforward. Do 20 minutes of cardio each day after you lift.
  3. When ascertaining and focusing on our negative traits, we must use specificity. This requires self exploration. We will discuss this in more depth later in this article, but for now, just think, like they say in target practice: aim small, miss small. The more specific your view of the target you are trying to hit, the smaller your margin of error will be. Instead of saying “I lack discipline,” (I especially don't like to use this kind of talk, as it “sets” behavior in place, by reinforcing it verbally. I prefer something like “I require more discipline,” or “I am in the process of becoming more disciplined.” Words matter.) we should look directly at the problem. Where do you lack discipline? If the answer is “everywhere,” then again, start simple. Wake up 10 minutes earlier every day, or stop using your phone/the internet at a specific time. Before we can build a big fire, we have to start with little twigs. START SIMPLE.

    For February, we are going to proceed in a logical direction from our clearing of physical space and will begin to clear mental space. As stated above, we are not looking to become “ascended masters” or some other nonsense overnight- we will use the same techniques that we used on our surroundings. We will move “room to room” and begin to identify and remove clutter.

    Mentally, this is easier said than done. This task will require honest introspection, which in my experience can be a very rare thing in the human being. It will require a setting aside or taming of the ego in order to be able to look at ourselves with objectivity and a certain lack of defensiveness.

    We will begin by meditating for only 5-10 minutes a day. However, we will perform this every day, without fail. Ideally, this will be done the same time each day, but with busy schedules, kids, work and so on, as long as it happens, it happens. It can be tempting to think that you need some kind of special hyperbaric chamber completely devoid of sound or distraction to perform any kind of meditation, but if this were the case, meditation's usefulness would be severely limited. My suggestion to those with loud households is to let the family or others in the home know you’ll be in the bedroom/office/garage/whatever for 5 or 10 minutes and would like to not be disturbed for that amount of time. A set of noise canceling headphones with some white noise goes a long way toward eliminating background annoyances as well. I use the shop in my basement where I work on my motorcycle, or I go outside to somewhere without people. 

    There have been thousands of books written on the topic by men and women much smarter than I am, and you are encouraged to check some out, but I’d say for starters, all we are looking to do with meditation is take a break from the constant flow of thoughts and anxieties and allow ourselves to be quiet, breathe deeply, and “reset.”

    This month, that’s about as far as we will be looking to go. In the coming months, we will begin using techniques to “target” specific areas and “do work” on the internal landscape, but for now, we will just practice the discipline.

    Next, we will use the same thought process we used to determine physical goals and programming to sort out our mental/study goals and begin to program a reading list for the year.

    Begin to list out and decide what directions of study interest you and at what pace you could challenge yourself (while still enjoying and retaining knowledge) to accomplish these goals. Break your areas of study down into larger headers, like “Art,” “Music,” “History,” “Mythology,” “Language,” and so on, with sub columns beneath each one and time frames in which you will read them. This is completely up to the individual, but I recommend that “Language,” and “Mythology” make up two of your headers, as these will play into our future challenges. Shorter is often better, so for those who do not wish to be overwhelmed, simply plan a 12 week “block.” One could then read multiple books from multiple headers in that time span and make an educated list for the next 12 weeks. Be adventurous, and keep the horizons broad!

    Thirdly, we will look at our “Heroic Blueprint,” where we have listed our positive traits, virtues and modes of being that we will look to emulate more and more as time goes on. Just like last month, we will select one, we will study it, we will attempt to grasp its meaning, and we will look for situations in which we can challenge ourselves to apply it more fully, directly experiencing its impact on our lives and beings.

    The good trait list may have been something like “Loyalty, Discipline, Strength” and so on, but this month we want to begin an exercise in specificity. We will re-imagine our list and rework it, still keeping these broad headers, but we will begin to explore them in a less vague way. Our job this month is to choose a specific situation or scenario in which that trait is positive. For example, Discipline could be broken down into “a disciplined training routine,” or “disciplined waking up time to create temporal space at the beginning of the day to perform meditation.”

“Strength,” also, needs a tighter definition, because it has so many.

What we are looking to do is break traits down into pathways.

“Loyalty” is a good broad concept, but “be a better husband” is a tighter goal, and therefore, more valuable to our work. “Be a better husband” would then split into various sub-paths like “this month I will undergo a handgun training course in order to protect my family from potential threats,” or “I will choose this month to be a more positive presence in my home,” or any number of other, more personal goals. We will break down each big concept into its seed forms, and begin working steps. Everything is like everything else, so when building ourselves, we must use the 2.5 pound weight plates instead of having a vague concept of wanting to “get stronger.”


I look forward to hearing about your progress. This work we are undergoing together will become more and more challenging, and more and more rewarding as time goes on, ultimately leading us to a place reserved for only the true, and the rare. 

 'Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.'