Mixing together equal parts fight club, strength regimen, motorcycle club and esoteric order, Operation Werewolf is more than the sum of its parts. It is not an organization, but an organism- living and breathing by its tenets and watchwords, “Iron and Blood.”

It is an affiliation of strength- Wolves among men who recognize one another by the three fingered salute and by the black flag that is their shirt, tank top or battle jacket that reads “Operation Werewolf.” These men and women have chosen to gather under this banner because it calls out to their primal natures, that fiery blood that sets them apart from the hopeless grey masses that wander this rock devoid of purpose or joy.

Operatives can be found in countries across the world, dripping sweat on the floor of their spartan-style garage weight room, leaving blood on the dirt in the backyard boxing ring, or bringing their feral competitive style to powerlifting meets, MMA events, bars, back alleys and the savage streets of crumbling cities. They are not products of their environment- instead they change the landscape and environment around them, forgers of destiny, architects of their own becoming. They make the flesh strong, knowing that it is the only fit conveyance for a strong mind and an iron will – theirs is a mindset that accepts no weakness.

Some are solitary practitioners, performing the rituals of life and death amongst the ruins of modern civilization, lone wolves howling songs of destruction and new growth in the woods that encroach on the edges of the rotting Empire, waiting for the fall. Others have made it their mission to seek each other out, forming militaristic divisions, chapters led by their strongest member, creating a war-band that seeks to carve its own myth, to create its own saga of power and might- men and women challenging each other to strive ever higher.

It is not a political statement, but a bloody fist shaken in the face of all institutions of control- a furious bite to the hands that seek to leash or enslave. It is not right or left, but free of these shackles of modern dualistic thinking- it operates under the assumption that the Kings of this world have become so through the forked tongue of finance and fear, and it rejects their offerings. The warriors who make up Operation Werewolf know that the true heroes are those who are self made, physically and mentally strong, free thinkers and free doers who are both untamed and unrepentant.

Operation Werewolf is a lifestyle, one of constant self-overcoming and hardship. You operatives know that today’s effort is tomorrow’s reward, and that one must always strive to outdo themselves- each day must be lived as though it is Ragnarok, each hour the last one of our lives.

So make of your bodies a temple, of your will a weapon, of your mind a smokeless fire that reduces this world’s lies into ashes.

Iron and Blood!