King Death – CD


“KING DEATH,” the new full length from David Lee Archer,  is firmly grounded in the “roots” genre but combines elements of Delta blues, outlaw country, and good old ass-kicking rock and roll into a whirlwind of fire and brimstone that takes the listener on a complex emotional ride.

From the depths of existential despair in a track like “Down on Your Luck,” to the energetic, upbeat vibe of tracks like “Born to Raise Hell,” the “King Death” album delivers the goods in a way that few are able to.

The record feels stripped down, totally devoid of filler, with each song cascading into the next like good bourbon into a glass.


  1. Born to Raise Hell
  2. Rusty Rails
  3. Down on your Luck
  4. Wicked Man
  5. Pathway to Hell
  6. Nihilism Blues
  7. Kind Death
  8. Ain’t Goin’ to Heaven
  9. Beelzebitch
  10. Law of the Gun

Album design by Matt Thyssen
Cover Photo by Marla Rosa Waggener

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