Vital Elements – Runes of the First Aett – SIGNED COPY


Vital Elements: Runes of the First Aett” is a fresh look at the Elder Futhark’s first 8 runes from the perspective of 25 years of experience.

Paul explores the “big picture” aspects of these runes, but provides a section on each for their practical application into daily life- physical, mental, and even in temporal workings like business and successful interpersonal relationships.

This is distilled, and not intended to exhaust the brain, but to stimulate it with new ideas and send you off on your own explorations and experiences with these incredible tools.

Includes a foreword by the author.

In the introduction, Paul discusses how he discovered the hidden language and meaning of the runes and offers his approach to assist in the reader’s personal understanding of the first aett runes and how they function as a living part of each of us as they are activated within.

5.5″x7″, 29 pages

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