Operation Werewolf Complete Codex


This boxed collection is representative of the organic growth of a living idea over the span of nearly a decade.

Beginning with The Complete Zines and Complete Transmissions 1, which provide both a verbal and visual look inside the DIY origins of Operation Werewolf, to the most recent book released, “The Inner Circle,” this codex spans the entire project.

The Complete Zines contains the original RewildYourLife zines, which hold many of the seeds that grew into the Iron and Blood zine, also contained in this work.

It also features both the “On Magic” and “Stadhagaldr” pieces, foundational to the esoteric side of Operation Werewolf, and continued in the volume “Vakandibok.”

From root to branch, nearly every scrap and passage is here- if you or someone you know is making the first step into Operation Werewolf, this codex makes for a fine introduction and education on the ideas and ideology.

Includes signed copies of:

The Complete Zines #1

Complete Transmissions #1

Complete Transmissions #2

Vakandibok – A Taufr of Awakening

Werewolf Manifesto

The Inner Circle


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