Wodhanazson – “Vedrfolnr”


Wodhanazson¬†– “Vedrfolnr”

  1. Ritual Begins
  2. Rune Poem in Norse
  3. Gungnir Hallowing in Norse
  4. To the Unknown God (Friedrich Nietzsche)
  5. Invocation of the Moon (Troy Wisehart, Poetic Edda Alvissmal, Michael Aquino)
  6. Rune Poem (Havamal 137 – 144)
  7. Futhark
  8. The Abecedarium Nordmanicum (Stephen Flowers translation)
  9. Hymn to Freyr (Troy Wisehart)
  10. Hymn to Freya (Troy Wisehart)
  11. Valkyrie Song (Darradarljod from Njal's Saga)
  12. Incantation (Troy Wisehart, Seigfried Kummer)
  13. Death Prayer (From 13th Warrior)
  14. Zither
  15. Baldr's Temple (Instrumental music by Mitch Larson)

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Troy Wisehart: Vocals, frame drum, djembe, horn.

Mitch Larson: Synthesizer on Valkyrie Song, Incantation and Baldr’s Temple.

Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse: Synthesizers. Tracks from the albums, “Witch Lore” and “The Master.”

Photo Credit: Peter Beste

Cover Artwork: Marla Waggener

Layout: Matt Thyssen

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