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Pathways of Fire

The title of this article refers to a technique of esoteric practice I developed and began using some years ago as part of my meditative work. With it, I would bring a sigil or “galdrastafir” up in my mind’s eye, drawing the lines in massive scale on a field of dirt.

When I had completed the sigil, I set it aflame in my vision, the whole thing the size of a football field burning its shape into the back of my eyelids. From there, I let the flame die down to coals, bright and orange, still smoking, and I “brought myself down” to the field.

Once there, “in person,” I began to walk the fiery pathway, placing myself “inside” the sigil, and walking its entire shape, sometimes stopping at various points to peform meditation or ritual in this created space, that I had designed and imagined for specific purposes or uses.

I have used this technique countless times over the years, and I still find it to be an extremely valuable practice not only for mental control and visualization discipline, but to truly “know” my own sigils and symbols inside and out through placing myself within their imagined structure and re-creating a physical understanding of a non-physical concept or idea. This method has deepened my practice in many ways, not least of which is using this to inform my sigil creation, with the understanding that later on, I will be “physically” there, a part of it, and can “write in” areas or locations of importance, using the specificity gained from a “bird’s eye view” of the entire process.

I begin by explaining this, because it has also informed the way I have begun to look at life in general. I have ceased to view my life with the tunnel vision of one who forges blindly forward to an unknown future, at the mercy of cause and effect, able only to observe the happenings along the way, with a limited ability to foresee what will come next.

Instead, I try to see my existence from above- looking downward at the entirety of the story as though it were a large tapestry being woven as I watch, some areas more “completed” than others, but most of it made of raw materials, threads that do not yet lead anywhere, actions that have not yet come to fruition…

The weave is not bound by time, but rather exists as an expression of the ideas of time and space being of the same materials- therefore, an action unfolding now can affect “finished” parts of the weave, which are infinitely changeable, always layering new designs over the old ones, but using the old design as a “pattern” on which to lay the new.

With this approach, I feel liberated from the short forward march of time- the concept that all I have is in between birth and death- a single, fragile thread leading from one point to another without deviation. What a prison! What a limiting perception!

Because the way we choose to perceive our existence is so important (since we cannot know what is factually correct, and can only then inform our actions with our own sense of Truth), it matters how we look at the principles of cause and effect. It will shape our persona, our mode of living, the skin we drape over our souls and interact with this world of flesh and bone and flickering light. Instead of being at the mercy of cause and effect, we must BECOME cause and effect, or at the very least, be able to see our strands from above, making educated decisions on the playing field, able to say to ourselves, “if this, then this.”

From here, we can also bring things into our path- we simply find the strand we are looking for that touches the other strands that we wish to make contact with, and we pluck them, or weave them together, drawing sigils with our actions, our words, our movements. We can be deliberate artists, painting what we wish to see on this canvas- weaving the designs that we want to; our fabric is not at the behest of random forces, only called thus because of our former blindness.

Like the muscles, we train our abilities here, and they grow stronger, more controlled. What before we saw as “involuntary movement” is now “conscious effort in a specific direction.” We must be present- we must be practiced. By doing this, we move from the novice level to much greater heights, and we become a virtuoso. Our lives are our own, in the true sense of the word.

Once we begin to realize this, it allows us to be “on”, for lack of a better word, at all times. We understand that what we do, no matter how insignificant it seems, layers new threads and new strands- this gives us a great responsibility to take care what we say, what we do, and where those threads lead, what other ones they interact with, how that will change the design of the whole.

Each word is a spell of creation or destruction spiralling outward from our center into the great expanse, honey or venom, life or death, leading from one word to another, from one deed to another. It cannot be stressed enough, this responsibility. WE SHAPE OUR OWN LIVES. We are like the raw material on an anvil, but we are also the anvil, and the hammer, and the arm that wields it with art.

Knowing this, we can see that there is no time to waste on frivolity. Enjoyment, certainly, for this life should be enjoyed, played with great cunning and humor; but it should be PLAYED, not OBSERVED! Each time we relax, and let the flow take its own course, we relinquish our masterpiece, our Great Work, to the hands of others, who do not understand the grand plans we have for it. For none but you have the keys to this kingdom- none but you can hear the strains of this symphony playing out with each clever variant, and given over to others, it will become a cacophony.

We must have consonance. The whole must be seen from above, and once this is done, a feeling of awe and terror, a great joy and a great sorrow. This is because we see that there is no grand plan but our own, there is no other hand inscribing our fate- it is us, alone. Some will be crushed by the emptiness of that knowledge, where others will embrace this terrible responsibilty and make of themselves what we can only know by the word LEGEND. Take up the strands and weave something of wonder, or sever the threads and go down into darkness.


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A Myth, Not A Movement

As we continue our forward march, and the word of our conquest spreads, it becomes necessary to re-iterate and refine certain points that must not be overlooked. Statements such as these will cause confusion and anger amongst many who thought they understood what we are, but in fact, were merely attempting to co-opt its symbols and surface message for their own misguided aims.

Others, who continuously mis-characterize or misunderstand our goals as something “political,” “racial,” or otherwise, can also perhaps gain some insight here, but our message is not for them.

It is, as always, for the strong. Those few who adhere to our eternal precepts of brotherhood, honor, loyalty and truth. We salute you.

Operation Werewolf is not a movement.

We are not a movement because the very idea of a movement is a historical force, a temporal idea that attempts to enact change within a series of existing events.

We are a storm, a cataclysm, certainly, but not a movement. We are an end- and a new beginning. Not a historical occurrence, but a mythical one. Our ideas and aims are outside of the notion of linear time, always Needful, always True.

We are necessary, especially in the present age, because we are a reminder of the heroic impulse, the human need to make legends- to become more than men, and transform ourselves into archetypes.

Berserkers, Outlaw Kings, Savages, Warrior-poets and Untamed Men of Action- unite! Stop mediating all of your actions through the sterile environs of the internet and telephone. Travel the open road, test your mettle, seek out challenge and brotherhood.

What is it you are training for, if not adventure? What is it that your spirit cries out for, if not comraderie with the strong and like-minded? What is your Will, but to live a life of wildness and freedom and epic deed that survives for a thousand years after you are dust

We look to myth, not history, to inform our brotherhood. We do not seek to repeat the mistakes of the past. This is why Operation Werewolf is not, as our detractors think us to be, National Socialist, Fascist, Communist, or any other -ist or -ism.

We know politics and historical methods are not going to change this world, they simply perpetuate its numbing effect and maintain things The Way They Are.

Our goal is not utopia, takeover, revolution, except that which occurs within. A takeover of our own lives. A utopia that ignores the imaginary lines and borders that the scheming princes of this filthy world have dreamed up, and exists anywhere the Werewolf standard is raised by proud and true men and women. A revolution whose goal is ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. A revolution whose goal is to CREATE LEGENDS.

To taste of this world’s myriad joys and pains to push ourselves beyond vistas that we previously thought possible, so that the brief flicker of our lives becomes a roaring fire of mythical proportions, so that when our name is spoken by future generations it is no longer a mere word, but a concept- a symbol.

Operation Werewolf is not a movement. It is a legend in the making. In order for that legend to be remembered, it calls out to men and women who exist to embody strength and ferocity, adventure and action.

Those who exist outside the small and simple construct that the modern world seeks to offer us, with its notions of “equality,” of tiny lives that serve “the greater good,” of political correctness, anti-tribalism, and every other idea that serves to grind out our individuality and our primal desire to be utterly glorious.

Fuck their world. Our fire will consume its grey drabness, and our standards will fly wherever men and women live by the undying code of the Werewolf Legions:
“Pure Hearts. Strong Limbs. Actions Matching Words.”

May our words, then, be mighty and speak of lofty goals, which we are then bound by honor to achieve- by Iron and Blood


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The Master Log

One of my own Master Logs.

Master Log: Using Notes, Lists and Brainstorming to Bring Ideas to Reality

This week I had someone write me a message who follows me on social media. He was both interested and I think more than a little confused in not only how I made my living, but how I found the time and inspiration to do all the different things I do.

As someone who now works for himself full-time, my brain has to constantly be in motion- working on new ideas for my business; creating art for personal projects or commission; answering emails to personal coaching clients or writing programming for fitness and nutrition clients; juggling my wife and her two daughter’s schedules while still fitting in 6 days of lifting a week, and 5 days of jiu jitsu and muay thai; mandatory events and long distance travel for my club; all these things and a hundred more have to get done every week.

As a busy guy, sometimes I get overloaded with all this shit, and I start to lose my organization- like that game Jenga, once one piece falls out of place, the rest of the foundation starts to get a little wobbly too, and before I know it, my whole day is derailed because of some easily avoidable fuck-ups. The way I avoid this is through the use of what I call the Master Log

I use a black hardcover moleskine with blank pages, because I like the freedom it allows to work without lines, as I do a lot of my brainstorming and whatnot in a very visual fashion- flowcharts, sigils that have personal meaning to me, drawings of new t-shirt designs, whatever. You can use whatever you want, and you should explore your options. You want your Master Log to be something you enjoy using, and enjoy writing in. Knock yourself out.

You are also going to want to have 2 or 3 separate, smaller blanks- for this, I use the softcover blank moleskins, slim, they come like 3 or 4 to pack.

Now, your main book, this is your Master Log. This thing is your life’s grimoire- your reliquary of ideas, thoughts, planned actions, brainstorms, strategies for winning on this battle field of life. I use this thing to program my workouts, write lists of all the shit I need to get done the following day. I don’t make weekly lists, as they always seem to get derailed anyhow- I try to plan for the next day only, as far as lists go. Obviously, I plan ahead for bigger events, bills, and all that stuff, but for my checklists, I just write down everything that comes to mind the day or evening before. If the list is huge, so be it. The idea is to cross off as much of that shit as possible before the end of the day. If you absolutely can’t get something done, it goes on the list for the following day.

Clearly, the idea here is to stay ahead of the curve, and not weigh yourself down by being a lazy bastard, letting the lists pile up and getting nothing done. I do this by prioritizing my list before I go to bed- shit that I absolutely, positively have to get done first, and things that can take a backseat after that. Making these lists also de-stresses me and gives me a sense of clarity for the following day, which I believe helps me sleep better and not stay awake thinking about those things I need to get done.

Second, every good idea I have during the day, I record in here. I do this for a few reasons: one, you think your memory is sharp, but it isn’t. I am quite convinced I have forgotten more than one million dollar idea that I never wrote down, and I never got to do it, because it never went on a priority list! Seriously, you forget a lot of things in the heat of combat, or the trench warfare of daily life. Write it down. Two, because once you write the idea down, you can come back to it later, when you have the time to flesh it out, take it from the realm of vague potential and bring it into being- a true act of magic of the highest order! Once you put pen to paper on an idea, it is no longer swirling around in the grey fog where we pull our dreams and clouded visions from…you have taken the first step to giving it form by writing it into being.

I have dozens of old notebooks, Master Logs of bygone years, and I still pull them out from time to time, like a goldminer of past inspirations, panning through the debris and scratched out lists for something glimmering with usefulness. Often, I find something there, something that younger me was unable to use or see the value in, or I change it in a form of alchemy, turning the simple lead of a seemingly useless thought into gold- sometimes literally.

I also encourage you to draw in this thing. Give your ideas real shape and flow, break your creative mind out of stasis, shatter those hardening channels in the brain by using creative visualization to bust out of tired ways of thinking and doing. My Master Log has pieces of poetry, snatches of prose, drawings of places that I have dreamed of and then seen or created in “real” life. Words that came to me during a distracted moment that I later returned to and shaped into songs, articles, stories for around the fire to make my brothers laugh. There is real magic in this world, we just ignore it as “flights of fancy” or “daydreams.” I am in the business of making my daydreams a reality, because that’s what I know how to do.

Now that you have your Master Log rolling, that fucker will get chaotic. However, you will begin to find your own method and madness, and your eyes will begin to make sense of it all- I can pick my “to do” lists out from the rest, because I use an underlining system. Some things get circled. Others get arrows. You could use different colored pens, different handwriting for different purposes, whatever you like, or fits your style.

Because it is important to have some fashion of order, I use those slim books as “subject specific.” So, I use one for my weight training only. It is an orderly log of numbers and words that relate to that one facet of my life, in order to be simple, streamlined, and orderly, because it needs to be

I use another one for my business and finances, budget and so on. For you, it can be whatever it needs to be, whatever areas of your life require or need more ordering. This way, you can take applicable information and details from the Master Log, and keep it all in one place, topically. You can start one of these slim books for anything that becomes important. I now have one for Jiu Jitsu. You might have one for story ideas only. Mathematics problems you are working on. Philosophical questions regarding existentialism. Essentially you are curating the massive art gallery of your mind into separate rooms.

Through doing this, you will capture more of your mental inner workings into this world, here, before you lose it in the eddying stream of chaos, perhaps never to return again. If you are a thinker, a doer, this is a very real tragedy, as many of these ideas may get driven out because you are too busy racking your brain trying to remember what bill you were supposed to pay, or why today’s date seems important for some reason.

Those of you whose ideas are shaping the world around you, who are creating a meaningful life from the images they see in dreams and waking visions, brainstorms, and manifested ritual- the Master Log is like a map and compass in the jungles of possibility and potential. Use them to your advantage, and instead of being lost and confused, carve out a place for yourself through the limitless might of your own thought and action.

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All images in this article courtesy of the infamous Peter Beste.

These days, the word “outlaw” gets thrown around a lot. It has been used to market everything from car tires to Crossfit, and is in danger of losing all meaning as it is co-opted by those who want to appeal to the normal person’s desire to feel “edgy” and special.

The true meaning of the word is, of course, “one who has broken the law,” but synonyms include less often used definitions- exile. Pariah. Fugitive. The root of the word comes from the Old Norse “utlagi” which translates as “outlawed, banished.” In the culture that the word stems from, an outlaw was banished from normal society and cast out into the wild, at the mercy of any who found him, as killing one who had been branded outlaw was not an illegal act- they were truly on their own.

To be an outlaw in the modern age is a different reality, but comes with many of the same consequences. It is not a pleasant fashion accessory, or “someone quirky,” who does things “their own way.” Nor is it any longer the mark of an outlaw to simply be someone who has broken the law or been incarcerated, as our bloated and corrupt “justice system” will jail individuals for offenses ranging from a few stems and seeds of marijuana to a fistfight outside a local bar.

Our definition must now become more strict.

The outlaw is now an individual who has scorned the world and its golden calves, who has cast down the idols of political correctness, notions of equality, blind acceptance, willful ignorance, and replaced them with his own allegiances and concepts. He adheres to the abundant explanations of natural law to inform his weltanschaung, and is unswayed by the unwholesome propaganda of media or government, knowing that they are merely two fangs of the same serpent.

He refuses to be told what to do or to submit to the rules of those he knows are unfit and too corrupt to have his actual benefit in mind- therefore, he keeps his own counsel, and that of the few who have proven themselves through action- not words- to be his trusted brothers.

He knows that in order to discover who is protected by this society and who is not, all one must ascertain is who can be criticized publicly without subjecting oneself to the tirades of the mob, self-styled as “revolutionaries” and “anarchists” as they spew forth the same disgusting drivel as the overlords they claim to be at war with.

The kind of scorn the outlaw holds in his heart is dangerous in our time- any who express opinions that go against the status quo and current narrative will, indeed, be pariah, cast out and reviled by those who continue to uphold the popular fairy tales and bland lies of society. But the outlaw is fully aware of this and prepared- he does not piss down his leg any time some bleating sheep accuses his him of some new “-ism” or “-phobia.” He knows that slander and defamation are the only weapons they have against him, but because he no longer cares about his reputation in their filthy world, he is immune to the barbed darts of “character assassination.”

Regardless of accusation and slanderous word, he is true to himself, and does not relent in his personal code- he is proud, strong, scornful and merciless in his quest to uphold the truth, and to eradicate weakness from himself and his chosen tribe. He weathers the storms created by the servants and slaves of Empire, and becomes ever stronger, ever growing in power as theirs diminishes.

Often, leadership of these aging organizations and governments will seek out a “devil” to vilify once again, in order to bring their own ranks and supporters closer together and perpetuate their side’s way of thinking- lest it become stale and those who have subscribed to it begin to drift away to seek out something more vital.

They re-label this “other” with vile by-words, ban its adherents from their cobwebbed courts and crumbling kingdoms, and warn all citizens of their Empire of Nothing: these are Bad Men, Villains, Outlaws, Wolves among the fold, to be attacked on sight, or shunned- relegated to outer darkness.

But the Outlaw has grown in darkness, and he is accustomed to its embrace, and he only becomes more hardened in his resolve to see their Empires crumble.

Because in his burning heart, he knows they are right to fear the Devil.