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Werewolf Elite Program – Final Enrollment

We started the Werewolf Elite Program at the beginning of 2020 in answer to a widespread call from Operatives for something “more.”


It can be considered the “all-in” level of involvement for Operation Werewolf- a system of development that covers the Physical, the Mental, the Spiritual and the Temporal. 


It isn’t based around social media, or a flashy marketing set-up. 


Instead, we use an old-school forum, where daily content is posted for you to learn from and follow as a blueprint toward a more capable, more functional, more focused, and higher performing version of your current self. 


We cannot “show you the way to yourself,” as that is something only you can do, and we don’t pretend to have all the answers. 


However, what we provide is a structured system with concrete goals and milestones, that come in the form of “Degrees” that the Operative will test for at physical events each quarter. 


Those who enroll will be put through the First Degree of the Program- 


Following the directions clearly written in the First Degree handbook, “It’s Not Enough,” they will embark on a process of “tearing down,” going back to basics, and stripping away the unnecessary and the unproductive from their lives. 


They will begin a daily journal of their process, and will be expected to hit certain milestones mentally and physically before they can test into the more arduous Second Degree. 


The Elite Forum is the only digital platform that we use for the Program- those who are following along from other countries who cannot make it to our physical events have still found it to be worthwhile, but where the Program truly comes alive is at these events. 


Hosted on Wolves property, the Operative will undergo a full experience ranging from the physical to the spiritual as he or she receives instruction from the highest level individuals in the network on topics ranging from mental hardness to barbell coaching, meditation and breathing practices, and much more- 


We are interested in what increases performance across the board, and use common sense and no bullshit approaches to our methodology, presented by individuals who can prove these methods through time tested success. 


Perhaps the strongest piece of the puzzle with the Elite Program is the networking that is created, and the positive pressure and energy we’ve seen created through this endeavor. 


Here’s a sampling of what Operatives have said about their time in the Program:


“For many years I’ve longed to live up to an image of an archetype, yet I did not have proper direction or consistency. Werewolf Elite has provided me with the path and the means to do so. I intend to give back wholeheartedly. There is no turning back!” – Jeremy


“Direction. Accountability. Fuel. 


While OPWW had laid out the framework for attaining well-rounded growth (Spiritual / Mental / Physical / Connections / Temporal), the WWE program made it come to life. 


The goal of passing the First Degree tests gave me: direction for each aspect of the framework, accountability to put in the work necessary to pass, and fuel to keep going regardless of how I felt. 


The commissions to read two books/month and to have an active participation in a Muay Thai gym have both been key in leveling up my confidence over the past quarter. 


Overall, my standards for what I will expect of myself have been elevated and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Werewolf Elite program continues to unfold.” – Diego


“Elite to me has been about becoming the best version of myself I can be. 


I have felt more compelled to drive myself to my breaking points physically knowing I have the knowledge and know how to mentally keep going. 


I feel I have erased any bad habits and mastered my mind more than anything. 


Prior to Elite I believed true strength came from pushing weight. How much? How often? But now My perceptions have been altered. 


True strength is being able to endure. To continue the path even when all odds are against you. 


Mental strength is what I am most grateful for.” – Tara




We are offering one final enrollment for the rest of the year. 


There will be no more openings after this, and no further opportunities to attend our Fall and Winter Conclave. 


If you already enrolled and would like to continue for the rest of the year, we would be happy to keep you onboard- you will receive access and a copy of the Master Log.


If you considered it, but missed your chance earlier in the year, now is the final opening- you will receive access, a copy of the Master Log and a print copy of “It’s Not Enough.”


Both those who are re-enrolling and those newly enrolled will have the opportunity to attend our Fall and Winter events via RSVP when the time comes.


For the sake of simplicity, we will offer access to the Program through the end of the year for $250. 


Those who don’t plan to attend the physical events will not be charged anything on top of this, and those who do plan to attend can pay the event fee only if they decide to be there, upon RSVPing. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email them to


Further, due to the current global events, we are unable to get more than our current stock of print materials, meaning our space for this program is limited to the amount we have in hand.


As of posting this piece, there are only a total of 77 spots left available- this includes both re-enrollment and new enrollment, and there will be no further slots offered this year. 

Werewolf Elite – 2020 Remainder (July – December)